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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last of the Great Cantorial Concerts

The photo below was taken in 1950 at the Second Avenue Theatre for the benefit of the Choir Leaders Association.  Top row, choir masters.  Bottom row, cantors (L-R) Moishe Oysher, Moshe Koussevitzky, Ben-Zion Kapov Kagen, David Koussevitzky, Leibele Waldman, Yosef Edelson.   Berele Chagy and Pierre Pinchik were advertised to appear but did not. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Published Music

Liturgical compositions and Yiddish folk songs of Leibele Waldman can be heard on many published albums.  Please contact me at for information on specific songs and recordings which are available, as a part of your collection.  I recommend the following albums if you are looking to expand your collection of Hazzanut and Yiddish folk songs , or start a new collection:

The Best of Leibele Waldman - High Holidays  The Best of Leibele Waldman - Three Festivals & Weekday Service  The Best of Leibele Waldman - Songs of My People  The Best of Leibele Waldman - Sabbath old photo

I have many old photos of my father taken at different times.  This photo was taken during his childhood.  It is undated.  He is standing in the front row, in the center.