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Chassidic Melodies

The complete album of "Chassidic Melodies" contains 14 melodies.  These songs are intended to emotionally stir Jews from every background by uplifting the spirit of our people.

MIMKOMCHO - Selected from the Kedushah
From Thy place, shine forth, O our King and reign over us...

SH'LOSHO D'VORIM - Friday Evening Service
Three things must a man say within his house when darkness is falling on the eve of the Sabbath! Have ye tithed? Have ye prepared the Eruv? And have ye lighted the lamp?

Mayest Thou - renew unto us the coming month for out good and for blessing...long life, peace and sustenance.

Now and Forever - surely the climax of the cycle of Jewish worship throughout the year is reached during the High Holy Days.  This NIGUN includes the last four words of the RACHMONO D'ONEI - a contrite plea for the Almighty to have compassion upon us and redeem us.

ULSAKEN ES NAFSHOSENU - S'firah Service - (The counting of the Omer)
Plea to the Almighty to purify and cleanse our lives.

It was Moses' joyous privilege to bring to the people of Israel the previous gift of SHABBOS.  "And thou shalt call the Sabbath a delight." (Isaiah 58)

RIKKUD - Chassidic Dance
A song without words with the notes and tune seemingly dancing to a spiritual rhythm.  Are words at times a deterrent and obstacle to the path upward toward the Divine?

YISM'CHU - Sabbath
"They who observe the SHABBOS and call it a delight will rejoice in Thy Kingdom..."

D'VAIKOS (HALLEL) - The Essence of Chassidism
The restless yearning of a man's soul for communion with G-d, for being, as it were, like unto Him. It is verily an eternal covenant, in fact a matter of reciprocity between G-d and Israel, ingrained in the soul of the Jew.

"Grant peace, well-being and blessing..."

BEI ANO ROCHITZ - Standing before the open ark as the Sefer Torah is to be taken out, the B'RICH SH'MAI is chanted
"In Him do we trust..."

HABOCHER B'SHIREI ZIMROH - Concluding phrase to the b'rocho of the Yishtabach
"Who chooses our hymns of praise..."

"According to the word of the righteous David, Thy annointed." King David is depicted in Jewish tradition as the model of piety, prophesying that the Messiah will be a descendent of the House of David.

KADDISH - A prayer for redemption
Our sages ordained that the Kaddish be recited after every section of the service and after study, with variations in its form. This unusually joyous melody is vividly illustrated through "Chassidic Nusach".

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