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Yiddish Folk Songs

There were very few Cantors who were able to make the transition from hazzanut to the Yiddish folk song.  My father was one of the very few able to accomplish this with great success.  As a “shaliach tzibbur", one must concentrate on the t’filah, using unique skills to interpret the sacred words.  With folk songs, one becomes more of a storyteller, conveying the tale with drama and personality.  My father moved easily between these two distinct areas, and as a result, greatly enhancing his position in the world of Jewish Music and in the hearts of Jewish Music lovers.

My Dream of Grandpa
The Jew of Yesteryear
In the New Temple
The Flask
Open the T’hilim
The New Year
The New World
Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself
Moses at Mount Sinai
The Shofar of the Messiah
The Cantor in the Synagogue
A Question
Slaves Were We in Egypt
Teachings of Abaje
The Everlasting Discussion
Blessing of the Moon