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Singing for our troops during WWII

My father (z”l) sang for many organizations here in the States: Israel Bonds, the Jewish National Fund (JNF), and the Anti-Defamation League, to name just a few.

What made him most proud, however, was when he was called upon to sing for the Jewish troops stationed all over the United States during World War II.

I was able to locate two Yiddish songs from the Smithsonian Institute that he sang on the radio very often during those terrible times.  One was “Ich Dank Dir Gott far America” (I Thank You G-d for America), and the other was “Ven Mayn Zun Vet Kumen Tsurik” (When Your Son Will Come Back From the War).

I was told that his fans called the radio station and sent letters asking that he continue to sing these two songs as often as possible.

While the sound of these recordings is not very good, I believe that it is very important to include them.

Ich Dank Dir Gott Far Amerika
Ven Mayn Zun Vet Kumen Tsurik