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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WALDMAN on the Radio

WHN with host Harry Hirschfield
As was mentioned in his biography, my father (l”z) sang often over the air waves when radio was still in its infancy. He had his own “live” show on Jewish radio for more than twenty years twice a week (Friday and Sunday). He also sang Saturday nights with host and comic Harry Hirschfield (WHN) and often on Sundays with the Barry Sisters on "Caravan of Stars". Many people tell me that when they were youngsters, their parents would scold them if they dared to make noise while Waldman was singing.

Following are two selections. Mi Sheoso Nisim (“He who hath made miracles”) he sang very often especially when his program coincided with the “Blessing of the New Moon” (Rosh Chodesh) and at concerts. This was the same selection he sang at Madison Square Garden for the “Hanukkah Festival” when Eleanor Roosevelt requested to meet him.

The other selection, The Cantor and the Synagogue, was another popular selection.

The Cantor and the Synagogue

Mi Sheoso Nisim

Ovinu Malkeinu

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