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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anu B'koach

This is a Kabbalistic poem containing 7 verses, each with 6 words.  The first letters, 42 in total, are hidden within the Book of Genesis and have mystical significance.

ANU  B'KOACH - "O Lord we beseech thee". O Lord we beseech Thee to loosen, with the greatness of Thy powerful right hand, those that are bound in captivity. Accept the cry of Thy people; exalt and purify us, O Thou who art tremendous! O, most powerful G-d! we beseech Thee to preserve, as the apple of the eye, those that seek Thee, who art G-d alone. Bless, and purify them, and continually requite them according to Thy merciful righteousness. Thou, who art most mighty and holy! Guide Thy congregate people with Thine abundant goodness. Thou, who art G-d alone, and most excellent, regard Thy people, who continually make mention of Thy holiness. Accept our prayers, and hearken our cries, O Thou! to whom all secrets are known.

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