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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rozo D'Shabbos

The Secret of Shabbos

This liturgical recording was the first song on my father's (z"l) Cantorials record, published by Maloh Records and accompanied by Abe Ellstein on the organ.  He made these "Maloh" recordings to bring spiritual pleasure to his many admirers, just as he did with his previous RCA Victor recordings.  Rozo D'Shabbos is written in Aramaic with a translation below. 

Kudsha b'rich Hu, Echod l'eilah, la y'siv al kursaya diyikarei,
The Holy One Blessed be He Who is One above, does not take His seat upon
His throne of glory,

Ad d'isavidas i'hi b'rozo d'echod k'gavna di'lei, l'mehevei echod b'echod.
until she [Malchus] enters the mystery of oneness, similar to His, to be oneness corresponding to Oneness.

V'ha u'kimna, rozo d' "Ad-noi echod, u'shemo echod."
This, as we have stated, is the esoteric meaning of the words "Hashem Echod U'shemo Echod."

Rozo d'Shabbos: i'hi Shabbos d'is'achodas b'rozo d'echod limishrei aloh rozo d'echod.
The mystery of Shabbos: She [Malchus] is on shabbos united within the mystery of Oneness so that the [Supernal] Mystery of Oneness may rest upon her.

Tzlosa dima'alei shabata d'ha isachudas kursaiya yakira kadisha b'rozo d'echod, v'istakonas l'mishrei aloh malko kadisha i'la'ah.
[This takes place during] the maariv prayer of Shabbos eve, for then the holy Throne of Glory merges into the Mystery of Oneness and is ready for the holy transcendent king to rest upon it.

Kad ayil shabata, i'hi isyachadas v'ispirashas misitra achara, v'chol dinin misabrin minah.
As shabbos arrives, she merges into Oneness and is separated from the "other side," and all strict judgements are severed from her.

V'Ihi ishti'oras biyichuda dinhiru kadisha, [v'is'atras b'chama itrin ligabei malko kadisha.]
And she remains in unity with the holy light, [and crowns herself with the many crowns for the holy king.]

V'chol shultanei rugzin u'marei di'dinah, kulhu arkin v'isabru minah.
Then, all powers of wrath and all adversaries flee from her and vanish.

V'leis shultana achara b'chulhu olmin...
and no other power reigns in any of the worlds...

Translation courtesty of Avi at A Nigun a Day

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